Bridge the community and the DAO to ensure transparency with unbiased reporting and reviews with a neutral point of view for issues that require:

● Resolving Disputes

● Conducting Audits

● Voting when required as a tie-breaker between branches

Judicial Charter Documentation

Incident Report Process Documentation


I'm a manager at a solar company, so my daily job is pretty balanced between technical thinking and management. I've been watching crypto from the sideline since the earliest days of BTC. I lead a community here in AZ that Colin is a part of, and I got really interested in NXS through him about a year ago. I joined the Nexus community a few months ago b/c I felt ready to participate more actively. I have formal training to mediate conflict and I teach classes on conflict resolution to my community.

Arron Hill

Jury Chair

Telegram ID: @Radient4751


I’m a nomad pianist decided to live in South America many years ago. Introduced to nexus back in 2017 and sadly watching the shit market evolving and taken over by Moon boys and banksters. I have hope that one day nexus will shine and unfold the original satoshi vision to free the planet from the modern slavery system.

Barak (B12)

Telegram ID: @B02191


I am broke developer with 24 years experience, love my family and town and all people in it, In blockchain since beginning, with nexus since coinshield, I done many good code for the world that is used today, I dont like names and have probably more than 5000 names I have used on internet since 😂 I love Nexus and wish I have time to work on it.

Vincent (AUGUST2022)

Telegram ID: @notdoriannakamoto


I am a pilot operating for an airline in Australia.

Craig (BUMP)

Telegram ID: @BumpaC